What Is FFT?

FFT or Functional Fascia Therapeutics is a system of body mapping to identify areas of dysfunction in the body and to treat structural imbalance. 

Ryan trained under Dr. Fu in China in 2011-2012, learning the FSN technique, becoming the only certified practitioner in North America. The original therapy of FSN follows very simple principles, which are to insert the needle subcutaneously, within healthy tissue, directing toward the trigger point, active engagement of the muscle under influence and always starting with a distal insertion.

After years of clinical experience with FSN and replicable treatment outcomes from patient to patient, Ryan designed FFT, drawing inspiration from the works and findings of Helene Langevin, Thomas Myers, Richard Fuller, Robert Schleip and the Stecco family.

FFT is a systematic approach from assessment to treatment, incorporating the dynamics of fascia to address the functional "pull" on various anatomical structures due to the pathological behavior of the myofascia. 

Structural integration via the fascia and orthopedic ROM tests are the foundation for assessment along with specific point location to address the dysfunction and treat both structural inadequacies and internal complaints. 

Ryan’s theory is that the main reason for MSK dysfunction in the body is because of instability, and the body will release tension when stability is regained. Treatment should start with reestablishing pelvic stability and is thus the primary focus for various complaints from painful extremities to TMD. The core of the FFT system is to re-establish healthy pelvic realignment via the fascia with assessment before and after treatment to obtain objective change that is visible for both the practitioner and patient. 

For any practitioner who would like to incorporate another therapy into the care program, FFT can be considered as peeling the first layer of the onion and exposing the core issues, giving insight to what area of the body may still need further attention. As a minimally invasive therapy in relation to other needling techniques, it is advised to start with FFT before incorporating other treatment modalities.

What Is FSN?

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